Hope you’ve enjoyed The Walking Dead and the assorted poems we’ve discussed. With
your next paper, you’ll have a choice between the two subjects.
With either of these choices, it will be your job to develop an argument based upon one of
the following questions. You’ll notice that each question differs in its view of the
story/poem. This is to start becoming familiar with literary theory and its drive to analyze a
story based upon a type “lens.”
For example, the first question has you rethink this story based on
a socio-political view of events, while the second is taking a New
Historicism approach of the story and its writer – Chapter 9 in
Reading and Writing about Literature, entitled “Literary Criticism
and Literary Theory (166-178).

  1. Zombies, zombies, and more zombies! We’ve read and
    analyzed their meaning and your job now will be to further
    analyze one of the themes we discussed for class. Key to
    this analysis, is to consider what the author’s purpose was
    in creating this story – which will help establish your
    ● If you do address this prompt, please remember that movies and tv shows
    are not part of the discussion. It needs to be based solely on the graphic
    ● The art, speech bubbles, gutter, etc. need to be analyzed just as much as the
    text, THROUGHOUT the paper. This is a visual text and requires this visual
    AND textual analysis.
  2. Choose to write about a favorite poem or a new favorite poem (This does need
    instructor approval), analyzing its key elements and meaning. You will need to do an
    analysis of the poem that uses one of the literary lenses we’ve started talking about
    in class.
    So, for example, if you choose to examine how the poet’s life influenced the poem,
    this might be considered a New Historicism approach. Your literary theory does
    need to be labeled in the heading.
    Paper Guidelines (Please keep these things in mind):
    ● A successful paper should be 1200-1500 words long.
    ● Clearly state your thesis and develop it using paragraphs focused on one topic.
    Remember that you are trying to create an “argument”(a point that your paper is
    trying to prove) and not merely summarize stories.
    ● If you choose a poem, it is necessary that it receives instructor approval.
    ○ No songs are allowed!
    ● Heading
    ○ Include the word count in the title heading.
    ○ Include the Originality Score in the heading.
    ● Sources
    ○ Be sure to use several quotes (no more than 3-4 total, including outside
    sources) to illustrate your paper’s argument. Be cautious of over-quoting,
    diminishing your own points by being overly reliant on others’ ideas. I would
    suggest no more than three quotes for the entire paper.
    ○ With this paper, you may use 1 or 2 outside sources, but you’ll need to limit
    the total number of quotes to no more than two, as I don’t want the outside
    sources to take the place of your own argument.
    ○ NO works cited page expected (unless you’ve used outside material).
    ● Use MLA style – Purdue OWL – MLA Format
    Please feel free to chat with me during office hours or send me an email if you are
    struggling with this assignment – but be specific in your question.
    Writing Situation:
    This will be your second formal paper assignment so it should follow the criteria for each
    formal paper:
    ● A rough typed draft should be ready for Writing Workshop and be prepared to
    distribute copies. Your draft should be no less than 80% complete. This is to give the
    reader of your paper a chance to see an extended glance of your discussion.
    ● Final drafts are only submitted to

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Type of assignment: Essay
Subject: English
Pages/words: 4/1100
Number of sources: 1
Academic level: Senior Graduate
Paper format: MLA
Line spacing: Double
Language style: US English

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