This assessment is an opportunity for students to become ‘cultural producers’ as they learn
to develop and apply their skills and knowledge via the production of an ‘audio-visual’
Students are required to use one of the topics (or two if you want to combine topics) from
the ten week module, and apply the ideas to a specific event in history. The audio-visual
presentation must use a ‘documentary’ format to communicate the conceptual ideas,
research and historical event to a general audience.
Examples Topics:
‘How digital cultures transformed the Black Lives Matter movement’ (Week 6)
‘The role of dark tourism in remembering history’ (Week 7)
‘The impact of the canon of Art History on female artists’ (Week 1)
‘How has globalisation of the music industry affected the production and consumption of
local music movements (you could look at early American Jazz music, or London Grime for
example)’ (Week 4 & 5)
What are we looking for?
The ‘script’ should include a 250 word ‘Intention Statement’ of what you hoped to address;
as well as the audio component of the presentation (fully referenced – see the information
in the CMCI Department Handbook on Referencing), any working notes and a bibliography.
The total (excluding bibliography) should be no more than 1500 words.
We will be marking you on your content, not your technical expertise. However, poor
quality material may inhibit the communication of your ideas. We will be looking for your
ability to research widely (academic and non-academic texts and materials), understand
think critically and intelligently about the material and ideas you are exploring, and your
ability to narrate a compelling story around your topic.
Think creatively about what you include in your presentation. It can be found footage and
images; things you have filmed or made yourself; or objects from personal or public
Your bibliography should also evidence all your source material, both of the footage and
objects you refer to, as well as your own academic research.
Technical Restrictions:
• All uploadable file formats can be used but must not exceed 100MB
• Your film or narrated presentation should be no longer than 8 minutes.
Your presentation will be marked according to the Level 4 marking (please see the
Department Handbook). The assessment will contribute to 100% of your mark for this
module. You will receive a grade and written feedback.
Ideas to get you started:
Here are some links to start you thinking about ‘what is a documentary’

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