Choose a case from the list below:

  1. Mr Obudho’s case against a Melbourne night club – link to key information
  2. Anymous case against a Sydney restaurant – link to key information
  3. Pregnant woman case against a Perth café – link to key information
  4. Mr Vale’s disability case against a QLD department – link to key information
    Using your chosen case, in teams, explore the case from a number of angles:
    • evaluate the cause, the issue for diversity and inclusion (e.g. racism) and its impact on effective businesses
    – really focus here on the specific issue for diversity.
    • elaborate its legal impact and ramifications
    • suggest recommendations for organisations to avoid or overcome this type of problem.
    Ensure your presentation is backed up by high quality, recent sources. Your presentation should provide in-text
    citations for all sources used (on your slides).
    Presentation style:
    • Present your video as if you were presenting to an online conference
    • All participants to share the ‘stage’ (be visible for the entire video)
    • Use PowerPoint slides as reference information that elaborates and clarifies using short key text points,
    headings, graphics, etc. (cite all images and research).
    • Avoid putting large chunks of text on slides
    • Tone and expressions should be formal and professional, yet lively
    • Make use of vocabulary from BUSN304 (i.e. use the terminology learned from the unit where appropriate)
    • Be aware of non-verbal communication, including body language and vocal variation – aim for a natural
    presentation style that enhances the impact of your message
    • The presentation should be cohesive, with one set of slides and references per team.

Type of service: Academic paper writing
Type of assignment: Essay
Subject: Business
Pages/words: 2/550
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Academic level: Senior (college 4th year)
Paper format: Harvard
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