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The purpose of writing a Working Draft of your Research Project is to begin bringing the content of your previous assignments into a single, cohesive document that showcases your research process and clearly demonstrates the work done at each stage. You will be focusing on organizing the information into a logical sequence, revising your writing in response to feedback that your peers and Dr. O have given you, developing effective and logical transitions between each section of the Project, and designing all elements of the Project to have maximum impact.

Skills & Knowledge:

Analytical thinking and writing about all of the stages of the research process
Analytical thinking and writing about the details of your problem, issue, or phenomenon, including your research problem
Thoughtfully revising and synthesizing writing you have already gotten feedback and grades on with new writing to create a complete Research Project
Designing and incorporating visual aids that enhance the reader’s understanding of the findings you are presenting in the Project
Organizing the segments of the assignment into a cohesive, polished, and professional “whole” that offers the reader an in-depth understanding of the issue, problem, or phenomenon

The Task:
The Research Project should be polished and professional-looking, and it should go into detail about your research process, what your outside sources and original research findings show, and the implications of your investigation of the problem, issue, or phenomenon.

You have been completing the work for the final draft of the Research Project throughout the entire semester, and now it is time for you to deeply consider the most effective way to assemble all of the pieces of your project.

Your goal is for the reader to come away with a clear sense of what the subject is, why it matters to others, and how your research methods and your research findings are credible, thoughtful, and contributing to society’s understanding of this important phenomenon, issue, or problem.

A successful Research Project will do all of the following, but not necessarily in this exact order:

Present an overview of the research problem, phenomenon, or issue accurately and in detail, giving appropriate context, background information, and a brief description of the answer to your research question/s

Discuss your positionality as a researcher and how and why your positionality may have impacted your research process for this assignment and the results you got

Explain your methods of gathering new and existing information about the issue, phenomenon, or problem, including conducting library research, locating and evaluating relevant scholarly sources, and conducting your own original research

Present your original research findings in detail and what they told you about your problem, issue, or phenomenon; how did they inform your understanding?

Explain how the data you collected specifically connects to the existing scholarship on the same topic, phenomenon, or problem; this will entail making detailed comments on the claims, data, and other information contained in the scholarly articles you consulted as well as to your own original research

Consider thoughtfully the limitations of of your research methods, including your use of secondary scholarly sources

offer a detailed and thoughtful consideration of directions for future study

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