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Work Based Learning Template:
• Outline the focus of the assessment, what can the reader expect to read
• Highlight the importance of work experience – make use of references
• Background Information on the organisation
• Include your aims/goals you wish to achieved – consider soft skill development – link these with research e.g. employability skills and future career
Analysis of Mentor or Member of staffs
• Discuss members of staff who work in the facility (remember not to include names)
• Highlight strengths of the individual – link these where possible with research
• What have you learnt from these individual – both positive and negatives
• How would you improve the individuals – justify with research
Critical Incidents
• Discuss an incident(s) which has made you stop and think – could be from observation or what you have been asked to complete
• Link this incident with a relevant reflection model e.g. Gibbs, Kolb, John’s
• Consider why did this incident make you stop and think
• What would you do differently if faced the similar situation in the future
• Ensure you follow the phases of the reflection model
Reflection on Placement
• Discuss your development on the placement
• Have you achieved your aims and goals for the placement?
• Make use of a reflective model, and be critical of your development or non-development
Future Development
• What are your future developments?
• What areas are in need of development?
• Develop an action plan
• Link your ideas with research

• Review your work-based experience
• Highlight the key elements of your essay
• Include key literature from the report

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