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As for an essay, but with greater depth and breadth. That said, because of the relatively short word length for a BSc
dissertation, be precise about your focus. Shine your light brightly on a small area of your interest, rather than attempting to cast a more diffuse light over a bigger area. Your aim is to provide a comprehensive and critical summary of research associated with your topic. You should report on the state of the literature, including the research directions and its current limitations.
This will lead to a ‘knowledge gap’. Essentially, this is a short statement about what remains uncertain in the field of
knowledge you are working in. In turn, this gap provides the platform for your research aims, objectives, and question.
Remember this section needs to be critical as well as descriptive. Make sure you compare and contrast different
interpretations appropriately. It should be clear from a literature review why your study is required, and what it can add to the topic, rather than simply a presentation of everything that has been done in this particular area. It should be written in the form of an argument. Think carefully about how much space you dedicate to particular authors, and consider how important their work is to study. If something represents a particularly important study that you build on, it will need to be given greater attention than a peripheral study. If you fail to mention a key author in the area, this is likely to be picked up by the marker and will have a negative impact on your mark.
As a rule of thumb, the narrative structure of the literature review considers: what other researchers have said about the topic, what is the emerging focus of contemporary research (research context), what hasn’t been said (the ‘knowledge gap’) and, therefore, what you will do to address this (aims and objectives). The bulk of the word count will be on the research context, but that discussion needs to specifically lead to a review of ‘the gap’ in the literature that has emerged in your discussion and, ultimately, a summary of the chapter that identifies the key issues, and briefly points to how they connect to the next chapter.
This section should help you identify your KEYWORDS (no more than five), RESEARCH QUESTION as well as
APPROXIMATE WORD COUNT: 2,200 – 2,400 words

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