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Session 1
1 Overview of Middle East Water Resource
1.1 The distribution of water resources in Middle East
1.1.1 Surface water distribution in Middle East
• Major rivers and lakes
1.1.2 Underground water distribution in Middle East
1.2 The characteristics of the water resources in Middle East
1.2.1 Transboundary Waters are common in Middle East
• The vast majority of the rivers in the Middle East are international rivers.
• International Border Rivers:Shatt al-Arab, Hezil Suyu
• Rivers flowing through two or more countries:Nile, Euphrates
• Rivers have both characteristic: Jordan Rive
• Brings difficulties to fair distribution of water and water management.
• Upstream countries must obtain consent form downstream countries and sign agreements in order to utilize water resource
• Upstream countries or regions will use water as a weapon to target downstream countries
1.2.2 Uneven spatial and temporal distribution of water resources (Precipitation)
• Timing: Mediterranean climate zone, rainfall is highly variable seasonally: rain primarily occur during winter month, while there is little rainfall from May to September, when crops are growing and need to be irrigated.
• Spatially, there are large geographical differences in precipitation in the Middle East: For example in Israel, rainfall decreases from north to south.
1.2.3 Contradictions between demand and supply of water resources
• Per capita water resources in middle east are predicted to decline with projected population growth (world bank statistics).
2 Theoretical Framework
2.1 Neorealism
2.2 Neorealism on cooperation
• Hegemony
2.3 Neoliberal Institutionalism
2.4 Neoliberal Institutionalism on cooperation
• International regime

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