Module: BIOL2471 Development

Name of assessment: Chick development practical

This assessment is formative/summative: summative

Submission date: 03/05/21 (online submission on DUO)

Release feedback: generic (on DUO) and individual feedback will be available the 16/05/21.

The purpose of this assessment: The purpose of this assessment is to test your understanding of animal development and the techniques used in the practical sessions.

The skills being developed/tested: You will be tested on data analysis (annotation of figures and explanation of results) as well as your ability to identify and apply information from taught lectures.

How you will use these skills further in this degree course: This assessment will help you to understand animal early development. It is a good practise for data handling questions which could be ask at the final exam. This knowledge can therefore inform your general understanding required for Research Project, Literature Review and advanced taught modules at level 3. The feedback you will received will help you for the summative practical assessment.

How you will use these skills beyond this degree course: The ability to understand data (e.g. what a figure tells you) is key in sciences. This skill will be required if you wish to pursue in a science related career.

Group Work:

The following group working is permitted/encouraged for this assessment:
You are permitted to discuss your ideas as a group prior to submitting your work.

The following group working is NOT permitted for this assessment:
The content of the report must be decided on an individual basis. It should be prepared electronically on an individual basis.

Marking Criteria: Marks for the summative are assigned according to the practical proforma for correct/incorrect answer.

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Type of assignment: Coursework
Subject: Biology
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Academic level: Undergraduate
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