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Tax Law Problem Base Question Essay

  1. Tracey runs an art centre in a country manor house and grounds. The premises include a shop, lecture theatre, and studios. The centre runs several art courses for which it charges fees. These are variously: full-time one-year courses which lead to a diploma which serves as an entry qualification to the local University’s art department; part-time art and art appreciation adult classes; and specialist courses for those with learning difficulties, which are heavily subsidised by the local authority. Vouchers may be purchased (at 95% of their face value) direct from the centre or from a local bookshop. These are exchangeable for goods and services to their full-face value at the centre. The bookshop pays 90% of the face value to the centre for the vouchers it sells. The centre’s shop sells art books and artist’s materials. In some cases, a book and artist’s materials are sold as a single packaged item. In order to fund the cost of a new lecture theatre, the centre held a fund-raising campaign and paid fees to a specialist fund raising firm. Advise Tracey as to the VAT implications of the centre’s activities.

Word Count 950
Word Count of 950 Includes footnotes so please don’t exceed
Bibliography is not required
Pointers to note
• take each point as it arises in the question and only deal with the specific issue raised (don’t go through the whole mantra for each point). Identify the issue and explain what it is and what the possibilities are but there is no need to come to a to a definite answer as you won’t have sufficient facts.
• More generally, although you don’t have time pressure, you do have word pressure. Do not waste words on irrelevant points or scene setting.
• Use OSCOLA, but bear in mind that footnotes count towards total word limit, so fn sparingly. Give full reference once and then shorten thereafter to, e.g., name of claimant if a case, name of author if an article/book, etc (use a bit more detail if you’re referring to more than 1 piece by the same author).
• Use sub-headings sparingly
• No need to reproduce the question in your answer. Just refer to question number.
• The word limit is tight, but avoid temptation to write note-like answers or submit plans.
• Ok to use common abbreviations (b/l or bol; NOA; UCTA; SOGA) but write in full on first use and explain abbreviation – e.g., Sale of Goods Act 1979 (SOGA). Do not abbreviate everything!
• Do not abbreviate case names. Groom v Barber is not G v B!

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Type of Assignment: Team paper
Subject: Law
Pages / word: 4/950
Number of sources: 20
Academic Level: Undergraduate
Paper format: OSCOLA
Line Spacing: Double
Language style: UK English

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