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Key Details

Brief Using the Case Study, develop a Marketing Communications Plan that supports the delivery of value and sustainable competitive advantage for Pure Gym.

Format Individual report. Your document should be submitted in report format – refer to the guidance given in this document and in materials and sessions/ seminars.

Word Count 4,000 words (maximum)
Deadline Report hand-in date: Tuesday 04/05/2021 by 23.00hrs

Submit coursework electronically in NOW by using the Dropbox facility within the module learning room.
Please submit written work in PDF Format.
Ensure you include the Coursework Coversheet too.

Weighting 100% of the module mark

Further Details
In your role of Campaign Manager at Pure Gym, you are required to propose a 4,000 word (max.) integrated Marketing Communications (MarComms) plan for a maximum of one-year period that supports the delivery of value and sustainable competitive advantage for Pure Gym, in the mind of the consumer. Your integrated communications campaign could include the launch of your new idea from the Delivering Customer Value module.

Successful completion of the task will demonstrate the ability to communicate clearly and concisely and will follow the elements of PR Smith’s SOSTAC planning model.
Please note the same Case Study will be used for the Delivering Customer Value module but only the promotion section of the marketing mix (communication) requires addressing in this assessment. The situation analysis and objectives should be adjusted accordingly.

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Type of assignment: Coursework
Subject: Marketing
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