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The main purpose of this essay is to examine the uptake and the inefficiency of MMR (measles, mumps and rubella), child Immunisation, in regard to the population in the general practice. This will be done by investigating the government health policy and clinical guidelines, in order to facilitate change using evidence-based study taught at university, such as health promotion education, and also integrating in the community in discovering the real issues of decline of MMR immunisations.
My General practice placement “XYZ” name hidden, is based in a diverse multicultural borough of west London which is ranked at (76) most deprived local authority district in England, population value of 185,004; (LBHF,2019).
Throughout the Assignment pseudonymous will be used by upholding confidentiality in line with the NMC code of conduct (Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC), 2018).

Measles mumps and rubella (MMR) are serious viral diseases that can lead to serious complications, such as disability and even death. Measles (German measles) is an almost invariable clinical experience of childhood, common causes include middle-ear infection or bronchopneumonia, (World Health Organization (WHO,2021). Most common complication of mumps is meningitis in children, which correlates with encephalitis, (Hambrosky, 2015).
In a statement by the Public Health England, which defines in 2017 that The World Health Organization (WHO) revealed UK had eradicated measles, from a data that has been formed 2014-2016. Nevertheless, in 2018, increase in the number of confirmed cases, with 991 confirmed cases in England and Wales, compared with 284 cases in 2017. Furthermore, the same strain of measles virus (called B3 Dublin) was detected for more than 12 months across 2017 and 2018. Based on this, WHO determined that the UK could no longer be consider as ‘eliminated’ and that transmission of measles had been re-established

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