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My research question is: To what extent is terrorism effective as a strategy and what
is its impact on global security? In order to effectively respond to this question, I will analyse
the different techniques of terrorism and what type of actions are considered terrorism. As
well as, looking at how some terrorist groups manage to make their attacks be an effective
strategy. Furthermore, it is also important to look at what situations it is not effective and how
terrorist strategies sometimes don’t bring the gain the perpetrators intended. Finally, this will
be answered by evaluating the impact it has on global security. It ultimately aims to assess
terrorism as a strategy by its organization, execution, and impact on global security.
This topic is important for me to investigate because I believe that it is important to
add on to the literature and scholar ideas that are already available. I think that there is an
abundant amount of information regarding this that should be addressed. I want to
potentially improve the link between the effectivenes off terrorism and the consequences and
impacts it provokes. Scholarly articles and literature available on the topic have proven how
terrorism strategies provoke political outcomes instead of making it seem like an illogical act.
It is clear that there is an element of strategy for achieving specific goals despite it not being
effective always. The initial step is for it to be beneficial for the particular organization.

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