8 Referencing
Use the Harvard System. References must be properly indicated along the report to support
discussions and the list of references must be also included at the end of the coursework. The
following link provides support with referencing: http://www.bradford.ac.uk/library/help/referencing
The following format should be used:
MHT6020-B Medical Ethics and Quality Management
Academic session 2020-21
• Include all your references at the end of the coursework.
• Avoid using websites like Wikipedia, About.com, Wikihow, ehow.co.uk, Investopedia or
similar sites as references. These are not appropriate academic references.
• Use only good quality references, such as recent articles from academic journals, books,
industrial and government reports, specialised magazines, publications, etc.
• Download this guide to apply the Harvard Referencing System:
http://www.bradford.ac.uk/library/media/library/documents/Harvard_Guide_Eng_Inf_2014. PDF
• The library also provides online resources to help you with referencing:
• Plagiarism must be avoided at all times in line with faculty policy.
• All text should be in your own words and include the references along the relevant
sentences and paragraphs.
• Avoid excessive use of “quotations”. If you use quotations, you must explain in your own
words what you understand from those quotations.
Faculty policy in relation to the academic integrity of coursework.
• Students are reminded that all coursework submitted should be entirely your own work and
prepared in accordance with the University regulations in respect of academic integrity.
• It is expected that all reports submitted will have a “Similarity Index” score no higher than the
15% maximum threshold limit produced by “turn-it-in” in line with faculty policy.
• All forms of plagiarism and “poor academic practices” should be avoided. The University may
instigate disciplinary action for students found to be in breach of regulations in relation to
• For more details about this, please consult:

  1. Assessment and Submission Details
    The Group Coursework is weighted at 50% of the module. The following rules will apply:
    • Each member of a group is expected to make an equal and fair contribution to both the
    preparation of the coursework and the delivery of the presentation.
    • Each group will select one group representative who will submit the coursework via Canvas.
    • The length of coursework is 5,000 words, excluding the table of contents, list of references
    and appendices

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Academic level: Undergraduate
Paper format: Harvard
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