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Hi hope you are well can you please look at the details below for the assignment as that’s been given to me by my supervisor. Also, you can either agree or disagree with the article you have better knowledge than me so you can choose to either agree or disagree with the article also can you please include high growth theories and avoid first and second person reporting. Thank you.

You will individually produce your own personal written review of the original article looking at it in the light of theories of growth/ high growth you know. You will then state your own NEW argument, highlighting its relationship with the original article. In other words, your NEW argument must take a clear stance regarding the argument of the original article, either agreeing or disagreeing with it. The rest of your coursework will then be spent establishing your NEW argument with theories and academic references.

Your new argument may either agree with the original article or disagree with it. If you agree with the author of the original article, you MUST add something new to the argument (take it to a new level). If you disagree, you will argue to establish your own position that negates that of the original author. You are not allowed to take a middle stance- agreeing and disagreeing at the same time.

It is important for the essay to have a scientific structure. Your paper must have a main thesis (a central argument it pursues (which you can summarize in one sentence) and you should be able to defend it appropriately.
Your report must start with the original study that the article refers to, indicate where it is located, then review and critically evaluate it. You must then state your position/ arguments in relation to it. You will then use the rest of your essay to establish your position/ argument, supporting your argument with data/ evidence from other studies on the topic.

The paper will have to include among other references, a minimum of ten peer-reviewed journal articles.

The article: https://www.forbes.com/sites/davidprosser/2020/04/03/dont-leave-high-growth-start-ups-behind-in-uk-covid-19-response/?sh=4f5707a06742

Below is a suggested structure for the essay:

Executive Summary – This should be a brief summary no more than the half side of A4 providing the reader with an overall summary without having to read the whole report

Contents Page – The contents page will provide an overview of the report and add structure to your work

Introduction – Provides context and an outline of the aims, objectives and limits/ scope of the essay. Outlines the main theses discussed in the essay.

Analysis – A detailed analysis applying the theories of high-growth to the case of your topic. Besides your knowledge from this module, feel free to integrate your learning from other areas and modules. The body of the report should critically evaluate the findings by addressing the “so what?” rationale and indicate a good understanding of the academic literature as well as more practical trends related to company growth. This section should also critique the limitations of the models, theories, and findings in the context of your study. You need to support your discussion/analysis with relevant literature.

Conclusion – This should summarise the findings and outcomes of your essay

Assignment requirement
1. Paragraph by paragraph summarises the key points made by the author of this article.

2. In one paragraph, using completely your own words summarise the entire article.

3. Highlight three things that stand out for you about this article and how it is written.

4. Highlight three things ‘not so good about this article and how it is written.

5. In one sentence, summarise the main argument presented in this article.

6. Discuss extents you agree or disagree with the main argument of this article.

7. In one sentence state clearly your own position.

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