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This is part of a 20,00 word dissertation so try to stick to the specified word count, also the bibliography does count.

Try to use as many primary sources as possible alongside academic secondary sources.

Put primary and secondary sources in separate bibliographies.

The primary aim of this dissertation is to research and explain how political cartoons were used to influence and guide the public opinion of late 19th Ireland to be the same as that of their elected political leaders and nationalist newspapers, at this point would be largely from the Irish Parliamentary Party. Who quite often were the owners of their own newspapers, i.e. Charles Stewart Parnell-United Ireland.

Two files have been added, there should be four in total tell me if you don’t see four, that contain 105 Irish political cartoons dating largely from the late 1870s to the mid 1890s, this is the time period I want you to focus on. As well as a online exhibition I helped make that should help give you some ideas.

Its recommend focusing on topics such as the usage of Pat and Erin, male and female personified representations of the Irish people and Ireland respectively to create a more respectable image of the Irish and Ireland in general, as well as to counter general racist stereotypes common in British political cartoons.
The use of certain individuals, such as Joseph Chamberlain and Arthur Balfour as a well known enemy for the people to hate/dislike, in order to foster a dislike for their policies and Conservative Party.
Willingness to criticize their own allies such as Prime Minister Gladstone over lacklustre reform and continued use of tyrannical laws.
Drive for economic self-reliance. Support for the Home Rule, coercion Bills and Land Reform debates/bills.
The vilification of Parnell and Redmond after the Divorce Crisis and subsequent Irish Parliamentary Party split. As well as the lionisation Parnell enjoyed before this as leader of the Party. You should focus on how Redmond was often caricaturised as being comically short.

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Type Of assignment: Dissertation
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