1. Evaluate a vocabulary unit in a textbook.

Write a critical analysis and evaluation of a unit focusing on vocabulary from a textbook of your choice. You will be

required to critique the effectiveness of the unit based on the vocabulary issues and principles covered in the

module, including, but not limited to, the frequency level of the lexis in the unit, its appropriateness for the level of

the target learners, whether it accounts for both vocabulary size and depth, its account of receptive and productive

knowledge, whether it recycles the target vocabulary, and the method of presentation of vocabulary. This

evaluation will have to be critical, and your claims and justifications for the appropriateness or lack of

appropriateness of the activities/rationale in the vocabulary unit must be well supported by relevant literature and

research evidence. End your essay by discussing and justifying what conclusions you have reached from this

textbook critique and how this might affect the ways in which you would teach vocabulary in the future. Make sure

you include the vocabulary tasks in the textbook unit you analyse as an appendix to the essay. Make sure that you

only include the tasks that are relevant to your discussion, and that you refer to them in your essay, instead of

simply scanning the entire unit.

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