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1. Identify an appropriate PH concept
2. Select an appropriate philosophical framework to analyse chosen concept. (This should include debate of the ontological and epistemological position adopted by the chosen philosopher).
3. Critically review an institution used in the delivery of PH practice.
4. Analyse the chosen institution through the eyes of the chosen philosopher including counter arguments and critiques of stated positions.
5. Evidence awareness of discontinuances of thought toward their chosen PH institution.
6. Synthesise this knowledge into a system of PH practice.
7. Have employed a range of research skills appropriate at doctoral level in their assessment of different forms of evidence pertinent to their study .

Analyses of a discontinuity of thought relevant to public health practice. The title of the assignment will reflect the chosen context, the nature of the discontinuity being analysed, and the theoretical perspective of this analysis, drawn from the systems of knowledge that have been studied for this module.

Type Of Service: Academic paper writing
Type of Assignment: Critical essay
Subject: Philosophy
Pages / Words: 29/7975
Number of sources: 25
Academic Level: Doctoral
Paper Format: APA
Line Spacing: Double
Language Style: UK English

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