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All answers to be based on Queensland statistics and research other Australian states can be used as reference. Rough word count provided for each question

What is the children protection act Qld? (50 words)

What is out of home care, what children get placed in out of home care and how? (75 words)

What are the types of out of home care? (75 words)

How is out of home care funded and how much funding is allocated per year to support out of home care arrangements? (150 words)

How many children are in residential youth housing compared to foster homes? (75 words)

When does support from the state stop? (Example, is it 18 years of age?) What are the options for services to provide ongoing support? (125 words)

How many children in out of home care environments have interaction with the criminal justice system? (Arrests, fines, community service) (150 words)

What funded support is available for children in residential care? (Do they have access to psychology, occupational therapists to build capacity?) (150 words)

Would access to psychology, occupational therapy produce better outcomes for these children? (Does this initial cost have the potential to reduce future costs/burdens on criminal justice system use scholarly evidence to show) (250 words)

What is the statistic of children successfully transitioning from out of home care environments? (Not having interactions with the justice system) (75 words)

How many children in jail have had interaction with child protective services? (Have they been in the care of the state when detained) (75 words)

How much does it cost per day to house a youth in jail? (50 words)

What can be done to reduce the relationship between Child protective services and youth justice system? (more funding allocated to therapeutic intervention, increased supports in residential care/out of home care) (200 words)

What is the biggest cause of youth incarceration in Queensland? (Eg: Breaches of bail conditions use statistics where available) (200 words)

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