Lifelong effects of childhood sexual abuse (CSA)


Childhood sexual abuse (CSA) has always been an issue
Explain the extent of the issue by comparing years:
• 2015-2016 crime survey of England and wales shows 7% of people ages between the ages of 16 and 59 were sexually abuses as children
• Child sexual abuse strategy 2021 shows an increase in this figure
• Estimated 7.5% of adults experienced CSA before the age of 16
• Suggests the figure could be higher (page 17)

Serious problem which affects everyone across the world
However, research will focus on the UK – narrows down victim pool and develop a comprehensive investigation using stats collected
Victims – Victims are typically female
• 3.5% of victims are male and 11.5% are female
• Shows overrepresentation of women
• Females are the ideal victims
Other characteristics which make a victim vulnerable
The lit review explains characteristics which makes victims more vulnerable to being victims
Qualitative study
• Effects of abuse can be both long and short term. Research will focus on long term effects.
• Research shows that there are many negative effects as a results of CSA
• Filled with fear and anxiety, victims have a hard time coping with their trauma
• This study is qualitative and will draw links between effects, including

Importance of research
• Research is worth doing because most victims do not speak about their abuse (fins source)
• So it’s important for them be understand, and know tits not their fault
• Raises awareness for all the effects as many victims are only thought about mental health affects like PSTD and disassociation, rather than physical effects like eating disorders and hypersexuality and views on sex

Research question
Aims and Objectives
• Illustrate characteristics which makes children vulnerable
• Demonstrate the link between mental and physical effects
• Explore physical affects to draw connections to mental health affects
Structure of dissertation:
This dissertation will be structured using the following headings:
• Methodology
Explains and demonstrates the methodological processes used to produce the research for this dissertation
• Lit review
Discusses characteristics which make victims vulnerable targets of CSA, explores why offenders target female victims and explores the idea that that victim is known to the offender
• Discussion
Establishes the findings in the literature review and discusses the psychical and mental effects of such abuse
• conclusion
Delivers a brief overview of the research, outline key limitations and explains the importance of the study
This chapter is important because it provides readers with essential background knowledge
Questions which are aimed to be answered throughout the dissertation have been provided
Summary of the dissertation structure
The following chapter aims to presents the methods used to obtain the results

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Type of assignment: Dissertation – Introduction chapter
Subject: Psychology
Pages/words: 2/500
Number of sources: 10
Academic level: Bachelor’s
Paper format: Harvard
Line spacing: Double
Language style: UK English

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