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The Research Question
What are the strategies in an onboarding process that result in positive retention? Need a paragraph on my research question.
Purpose of the Study
The current study seeks to research turnover rates and low morale, and the lack of employee engagement due to the lack of a good onboarding process. The research will entail an investigation concerning the effectiveness of a good orientation program to ensure that new employees are competent and well adaptable to the functions of the organization or the department. To undertake this activity, the content of the discussion will consider the impact of the onboarding process on employee engagement, employee morale, and employee turnover rates.
Moreover, an interrelation to employee morale and the resultant effect on employee retention will be reviewed by the study to present a wholesome discussion of this crucial activity of an HRM department. The public sector in the onboarding process will provide the basis of information to infer research results in the general field of management. This sector is the most suitable research category of participants for the study as they are the majority and therefore, a wider-range of results. Please rephrase this last sentence.
Scope of the Study
Scope needs to fit the questions I asked in my survey. Please match the scope to the questions.
Participants for this research study will involve workers in various organizations who were employed through HR placement. The research will track the employees to their respective workplaces to evaluate the success of the initial onboarding process and how effectively the process enables them to perform for the organization. Also, this paper will consider the rate at which hired employees to leave their places of employment, and if the orientation procedure and practice impact their decision to quit. The research will consider asking employees about their motivation and morale working for the organization, and whether the feelings towards the state’s department has a bearing from the onboarding process initiated by the HR Agency during placement for employment.
Literature Review
Pareek et al. (2019) conducted a study that systematically reviewed the impact of employee engagement on employee retention within an organization. They reviewed scholarly articles written by other scholars for a period of ten years, ranging from 2009 to 2019. Their study revolved around the driving factors for employee engagement and retention. Though Pareek et al. (2019) conducted desk research on the topic by reviewing online data on Google scholar and Emerald insight, their study shows a strong correlation between the variable of the study.
Mohanty (2018) states that the organization can monetarily acquire human resources in many other realms but not enthusiasm, initiative, and loyalty for the company. These aspects as cultured and cultivated by the company management, and the firm earns employees’ engagement based on merit concerning how the senior management treats its employees. Mohanty (2018) research underscores the importance of onboarding to employee retention and morale for the excellent performance of the organization.

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