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In this 4-5 page essay, you will develop an overarching argument on a central theme of your memoir. You should look over the main plot, characterization, point of view, theme, setting, style or symbolism to help you to formulate the 3-4 elements that you will discuss in your essay.

You should analyze 3-4 elements in your analysis of the memoir. You will research literary analyses of your memoir that discuss the same elements that you will analyze and that are evident in your thesis. You will also refer to the memoir and pull quotes that back up your thesis. You may also use our text book, notes from the class or other sources that discuss elements used in the memoir. Your thesis should demonstrate these 3-4 supporting details and should also develop the argument about the central theme of the memoir that you are discussing.

Pull quotes or paraphrased material from your sources to back up the argument you are developing in the essay.

You must make sure that you cite all of your sources properly using MLA formatting. Make sure to cite the memoir, the 2 literary analyses (minimum of 2) that you research and any other information you are citing within the essay.

After you have gathered your sources, write an outline and then begin your rough draft.

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