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You can make this an informal essay and simply write your answers to these questions in paragraph form providing an informal citation (In the Texas Tribune article of 22 February 21 on “How Texas failed repeatedly to protect its power grid from extreme weather”. . .According to Rice history professor Julie Cohn discussing Texas’ unique single state power grid”). Try to use your 1,200-word count wisely. You must write at least a minimum of 1,200 words in your essay. You may go beyond but not under 1,200 words. Please put the word count of your essay at the end of your paper. (If you use MS Word as your word processor, the word count can be found at the bottom of the Word screen to the right of the page numbers.)n writing your paper, explain your responses.

You don’t need any other articles or research. Limit yourself to the six articles I’ve provided. Use all of these articles at least once in your essay. Use your best grammar, syntax, spelling sentence structure, and language usage. If you quote an article, make sure you use quotation marks and simply reference your source. You don’t have to use any sources not stated here in the instructions.

All Article links to use in the term paper:


Address the following questions thoroughly using the sources provided:

Detail some of happened during the unexpected and deadly Texas winter storm that struck Texas, including Houston and South Texas costing the state millions of dollars in damage and, according to some estimates, from the low 100s to up to 200 deaths of people from the single-digit freezing temperatures and massive state-wide power outages in homes throughout Texas.

How long did the winter storm last in Texas?

How did many of the people die and how did they die as a result of the winter storm in Texas?

Describe the unique nature of the Texas power grid, its benefits and its disadvantages as demonstrated in the February Texas is the only state in the union that has its own power grid. All the other states are part of regional power grids which share power with fellow member states when a power grid failure occurs in another state or states.

Discuss why it failed and the damage that failure caused in Texas.
What is being done by the government of Texas to prevent this kind of disaster from ever happening again?

Please type the word count of your paper at the end of your paper.


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