1.1 Fashion Industry and Environment
Environmental sustainability has been a major subject of many countries across the globe.
Significant changes in climatic patterns has cause devastating loss in human life and proper worth
trillions of dollars thus calling for reform in both consumption patterns of consumers and
production of different players in different industry (European Union, 2018). This industry has
contributed significantly to global economy through employment and economic growth. Over the
past decades, it has experienced pivotal trends and has developed into fragmented and complex
global system characterized with ‘new’ and discard of the ‘old’ consumption notion (British fashion
Council, 2019). Presently, businesses in fashion industry has remodeled into a ‘fast fashion’ model
which has led to rapid introduction of leading trends resulting into obsolescence in fashion and
product replacement prematurely. According to a report by Mckinsey fashion industry performed
better than gigantic sectors such as technology and telecommunication between 2003 and 2013
(McKinsey & Company, 2019). As the world evolve more towards globalized supply chains and
liberalization of trade tariffs by economies, lower prices for consumers is realized making fashion
industry to thrive even more. However, this comes at a huge social and environmental cost, usually
not depicted in balance sheets of major players in this industry. The model of business in this
industry does not address environmental issues posed by significant amount of demand of
consumption and production (Deloitte, 2013). As economies realize economic growth, consumption
increases leading large extraction of raw materials to meet demand of these short lived products.
UN estimate that by the year 2050, will need nearly three planets to extract the amount of resources
needed to meet contemporary lifestyles we currently live (United Nations, n.d.) Without proper
remedies and interventions, consumption and production which are core drivers of fashion industry
which also have detrimental impact on environment could reach uncontrollable levels (Deloitte,
2013). It is therefore important to understand the complex relationship between nature and fashion
industry, the overall impact of consumption and production in fashion industry on life support
systems and future prosperity.

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