Research-informed Project Titles
Introduction (approximately 700 words)

  • Why are you interested in this research question? Why is this important for social work?
  • Definition of the core terms you use (Usually the terms you used in your research question)
    Methods (approximately 300 words)
  • Search strategies you used for your literature search (databases, key terms, time interval…etc.).
    Research Appraisal approximately 800 words)
  • You can have a separate title for your research appraisal, as other students did in the past, or you can do the research appraisal under the “Findings” section.
    Findings (approximately 1,500 words)
  • This is the main section where you critically explain your findings in an organized way.
  • You will have different subtitles under “Findings” based on how you organize your ideas. You should work on these titles with your individual supervisors.
    Implications for Social Work (approximately 1,200 words)
  • The findings’ implications for social work practice and policy
  • What is the role of social work in responding what you found in your literature review?
    Discussion and Conclusion (approximately 500 words)
  • An overall summary of your findings.
  • The reader should be able to understand what you found as a result of your literature review by reading this section.

Type of service: Dissertation services
Type of Assignment: Dissertation
Subject: Natural science
Pages/words: 11/3025
Number of sources: 22
Academic level: Bachelor’s
Paper format: Harvard
Line spacing: Double
Language style: UK English

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