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The Effects of Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing on Autoimmune Thyroiditis in Adults: A Randomized Controlled Trial

The introduction should have the following information:

1 paragraph about Hashimoto autoimmune thyroiditis, what is it, actual treatment and why is important to study it.

2 paragraphs about the relation between Hashimoto and stress/Hashimoto and psychological trauma (adverse childhood experiences, child abuse).

3-4 paragraphs about the relation between Hashimoto and alexithymia, dissociation, depression, anxiety, anger and quality of life.

2-3 paragraphs about psychological interventions in Hashimoto and results.

2-3 paragraphs about EMDR and the use of EMDR for medical conditions, including autoimmune diseases and Hashimoto.

Please respect the topics accordingly. If you don’t find info/research about Hashimoto, you can write about autoimmune thyroid diseases, but only if you can’t find anything about Hashimoto

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