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The paper should include (but not limited to):
1. Background/history of Common Core State Standards for Math (Talk about Florida standards and it’s effects. If needed, you can discuss relevant discussions in other states)
2. Literature review on major papers/reviews/reports that assess the effectiveness issue (no need to produce an almost exhaustive list; be mindful of how much time you have)
3. Methodology: based on the literature review, list the major measures, criteria, etc. used in assessing the effectiveness
4. Your assessment and reflection
5. Reference and Biography (Make a works sited page)

That said, “effectiveness” could be illusive … -Are we just talking about effectiveness related to student’s standardized test score? [my guess is most literature will focus on this, and this ties to school funding issues] -What about its relationship to the achievement gap? -How does the standard affect the growth or development of learners? Impact on social and/or mental development of learners? Do the conversations on effectiveness include these dimensions? -What about the effectiveness on different groups of learners (based on gender, race, household income, etc.)?

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