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The Business of Law
I. Write a 3,000 word report
Please read the following statement:
“Alternative business structures have disrupted the traditional law firm model in new and innovative ways and will continue to do so in relation to future ways of working in law and the business of law firms.”
Prepare a 3,000 word report. The report should contain the following sections.

  1. A brief description of the current regulatory framework around Alternative Business Structures and how they are disrupting the traditional law firm models.
  2. An analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of new and innovative ways of working in the legal sphere.
    Consider some of the points below:
    • What clients need and want from their legal advisers
    • What are the business benefits for law firms in using these structures
    • What future generations want from their careers, including agile working and alternative careers
    You should refer to the wider literature, your own research and practical examples.
    A synthesis of sections 1 and 2 which should comprise reasoned conclusions and reflections as to the future ways of working and business of law.
  3. You should also prepare a reflective statement
    Write a statement not exceeding 500 words reflecting on how completing the Case Study module has contributed to your learning and development and how the skills you have developed may be applied in your future career.
    Your statement should not be limited to describing the work, but should also provide an honest analysis and evaluation of how you felt about the process and, with the benefit of hindsight, highlight what you would do differently and why.
    For example, an entry could include your thoughts in relation to an article you have read. What did you learn? What did the article address positively? What could have been dealt with better in the article and how? How does the article link with practice?

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