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  1. Introduction (what is about that report, why is important to use technology in logistics)
  2. Strategic Facilities Location – definition
    2.1. The importance of Strategic facilities location(where to located warehouses and why?)
    2.2. Examples of strategies to consider when choosing facilities location (strategy from facilities location point of view- cost point of view, quality point of view, easy access point of view,what strategy should be used)
    2.3. Examples of facilities location strategies used by organisations- example of IKEA what strategy IKEA used and why?
    2.4. SWOT analysis of Strategic Facilities Location
  3. Information Management System in Logistics Management
    3.1. Transport Management System- advantages and disadvantages
    3.2. Digital freight Management System- advantages and disadvantages
  4. Real systems in Logistics Management
    4.1. SemiCab
    4.1.1. What SemiCab offer?
    4.1.2. Prons and Cons of SemiCab
    4.2. Define LaneHub
    4.2.1. Importance of LaneHub
    4.2.2. Prons and cons of LaneHub
    4.3. SemiCab and LaneHub- partnership and collaboration in fleet management.

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