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Assignment AVAT13011 Term 1, 2020
Task Description
This assessment is designed to strengthen your understanding of human factors in the
operation of aircraft in the aviation industry including the impact on safety standards by the
introduction of this element to the industry.
In order to achieve this task you will need to:
▪ Be familiar with the readings as they are made available on the Moodle site:
▪ Recognise the human activities that are integral to the operation of highly technical
equipment in modern cockpits:
▪ Demonstrate a working knowledge, and limitations of, human beings to operate in the
demanding environment called “the glass cockpit”.
This assignment is worth 40%.
This question is to be answered in essay format.
Your submission must be produced in electronic format (either as (a) a single page wordprocessed document, (b) single page Publisher document saved in a pdf format and should
be submitted through the assessment link in Moodle, by uploading your file following the onscreen instructions.
Note; that all submissions are processed through the similarity detection software (called
Turnitin), hence the requirement to submit the Publisher or as pdf files. You must ensure that
all the work is your own, in line with University requirements.
Learning Outcomes Assessed
• Understand the utilization of human factors to enhance safety in commercial
• Understand the SHELL model utilised in discussing this subject:
• Demonstrate the variations and unusual developments that impinge on safe aircraft
• Apply your knowledge of this material to particular accidents and incidents.
Graduate Attributes
• Problem Solving
• Critical Thinking
• Information Literacy
• Information Technology Competence
Assessment Due Date
• Saturday 29th May 2020 9:00 am AEST
• Submit in Turnitin in Moodle

• Return Date to Students
• Saturday 19th June 2020 19:00 AEST

• Weighting
• 40%
Read the report on the accident: B742 / B741, Tenerife Canary Islands Spain, 1977.
Nominate and discuss in detail a minimum of six (6) elements of human factors that are
evident in the report and could be considered contributing factors to this accident.
The minimum word count for this submission is 2500 words. You must record the word
count on your document. Failure to provide the minimum words will lead to a penalty being

Pages: 9 Double spaced (2475 words)
Style and sources: Harvard, 10 sources
Free extras: Bibliography/ Reference page
Study level: Bachelor
Assignment type: Essay
Subject: Aviation

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