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Being an adult nurse student.. please use the template to write the essay. Word count for each session in the template has been provided. THINGS TO WRITE ABOUT
In this section describe who you were helping to learn and what the activity was. You might have done this, for example with a student, qualified nurse, health care assistant, patient, a patient’s relative or carer
ANSWER-. I helped an international nurse from Nigeria who to use the BM device (blood glucose device). She was a member of staff. The device was new to her. Keep it simple.

• Talk about the teaching style.

• Who were u teaching, what did u teach?

• ? Teaching and learning style.

• What was the international nurse learning style?

• Discuss and analyse teaching and learning style.

• show know about learning and teaching style.

• I decided this style because,

• where did accountability count

• leadership skills I used.

• Link theory with practice,

• how did u teach, how did u know if it worked, was your teaching effective?

• Talk about accountability, where did accountability count.

• Find literature about qualify nurses learning from students.

• Write about sharing of knowledge, we have to work as part of a team write about that, part of the role of the nurse is teaching,

• is there anything you would like to improve?

• What does literature say about the style you used?

• What went well, you can say next time I will go through with the theory first before teaching so they will understand how important is it.

• How did you know your teaching went well

• Where did you do the teaching, you can say I would have taken them to a quiet place to teach them because where you were was noisy,

• did you ask about their learning style?

• Back up everything with literature.

• what did you do well, what will you do next time, what could have been done link to literature,

• did you assess their learning style before you started?

• Was your teaching style appropriate?

• link to code of conduct, relate what u did to the code.

• Let the ideas flow logically.

• use Nursing journals. Use good sources.

• Appraise sources critically.

• Link it to practice and preserving safety, prioritising people, professionalism, and trust.

• Think about what you did and link it with the code of conduct that is the NMC code.

• It should not be descriptive.

• Think about 4C’S. link with the NMC code. Link your refection with the NMC code

• Organisation in this assignment is important. Arrange your material in the box. Plan-ning is the key in this assignment. Use good sources.

• Don’t describe literature, discuss literature. Be critical

• Discuss about teaching and learning theories and link it with practice

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Type Of assignment: Reflective writing
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