Problem question:

Identify any charges to income tax that might apply to Toby in respect of ALL of the following:

(a)Earnings in his own practice as a barrister.

(b)The salary he receives for acting as a High Court Judge one day each week on standard terms.

(c)£7,500 per year he receives from an old college friend who rents a room in his house.

(d)Ten fees, each of £1,000, he has received during the year for giving speeches to various organisations, telling humorous legal stories. He is listed by an agency that advertises “after-dinner speakers”.

(e)Given his high public profile, his local university have recruited him as “Visiting Professor of Law”, on a salary of £5,000. His only duties are giving two lectures each year on legal careers, timetabled by agreement, and delivering a speech at graduation.

(f) A payment of £3,000 he received – to his surprise – after introducing a member of his church to a potential investor for her proposed new business, which she described as an “introduction fee”.

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