Assessment One: Policy Brief
The first assessment addresses the following Learning Outcome:

– Demonstrate a critical understanding of key aspects of policy and provision for young children, families and communities

  • For this assessment you should:
  • Choose one of the following topics that is of interest to you from the three topics below:
  • ‘Looked after’ Children and educational attainment
  • Mental Health and Well-being

– Child protection: A multi-agency approachWrite a 500 word policy briefing. You may want to imagine that the brief is aimed at the Director of Education in a local authority.

Your brief should
a. Outline/summarise the problem. For example, the growth in mental health issues affecting young people or lower educational attainment for ‘Looked After’ Children. You may want to focus on younger or older children in your policy discussion.
b. Outline/summarise the policy response.
c. Critically valuate the policy response drawing on relevant literature and research on the topic, utilising peer reviewed articles, reports and evaluations.

Please make use of lecture slides and recommended readings and readings that have been utilised in the relevant lecture.

The Brief should utilise APA referencing style. Please note that References are not included in the word count.

Use sub headings to organise the briefing.Please spend time proof reading to ensure that your work is of a professional stand

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