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The content must present a controversial issue or problem and offer a viable solution. The speech must employ academic research. A speech outline and bibliography including 5-7 sources must be included. Content: The speech must include the following parts:

Introduction – Introduce the topic to the audience. Define and explain the topic. Relate it to at least one general education outcome.

Thesis – State your argument about that topic “Surveillance and Privacy.”

Body – Explain how/why your perspective on the topic is correct; present possible solutions to the problem of the topic. The information presented must be research based and cited either verbally or on your slides.

Conclusion – The speech should conclude with a summary that reminds the audience of the topic and solution. That summary should also relate the problem back to general education and the outcome chosen.

MUST INCLUDE A BIBLIOGRAPHY. Google search is good to use. Controversial topic which is “Surveillance and Privacy.”

Address it why it is controversial, and what is the problem about it and possible solution. Big brother can be mentioned or Edward Snowden.

Type of service: Academic Paper Writing
Type of assignment: Outline
Subject: English
page/words: 5/1375
Number of sources: 7
Academic level: Junior(college 3rd year)
Paper Format: MLA
Line spacing: Double
Language style: US English

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