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Case Study Instructions
It is almost the end of the school year. The principal telephoned you and asked if you could be involved in the transition to school activities.
There is a ‘speed dating’ styled session planned where the information about five of the children that will be in the class has been provided and will be discussed. You have collated notes on each of these students.
write a report on actions you would take as an educator to provide a learning environment inclusive of all children:

Tara is five years old and was born profoundly deaf. She is an outgoing student who loves socialising with her friends. Tara had cochlear implants at two years of age. Tara has oral language delays and is currently being supported by a speech pathologist.

Joseph has just turned five and will be the youngest child in your class. Joseph is currently being assessed for ADHD. He has trouble concentrating for long periods of time and becomes defiant when he is asked to do something that he does not want to do. Joseph’s parents do not believe that Joseph has ADHD but have supported the assessment.

Lucy is six years old. Lucy is an only child; she has moderate cerebral palsy.  Lucy has a happy and vibrant personality and is well supported by her parents. She needs braces, medications, and adaptive technology to accomplish daily activities.

Fiate will be turning seven years old in his foundation year of schooling. Fiate is an only child. His mother has recently been diagnosed with cancer. Fiate is refusing to go to school because he does not want to be away from his mother.

Mishka is six years old. She is an outgoing and happy girl who loves learning. Mishka has been diagnosed with sensory processing disorder. She is hypersensitive to her environment and often becomes overwhelmed by multiple environmental stimuli.

• Introduction (approximately 400 words): Specifically linked to the case study, briefly define the key considerations you have identified in the case study. 
• Discussion (approximately 800 words): Broadly focused on the whole class and inclusion in general, your discussion should consider:
o the capacity to include children with additional needs—what are common adjustments that take into account a range of additional needs (a broad discussion linked to literature)
o how you might provide an inclusive environment for all children in your class (focus on the whole class as an inclusive environment)
o This section should be linked to research and should provide a broad overview of inclusion in general.
• Recommendations for action, support and implementation (approximately 800 words): Specifically linked to the case study, provide a brief list of actions you would take to provide an inclusive environment for the children in the case study (this is your plan for inclusion). This should include:
o the documents and processes you would undertake, who you would consult and why you would consult them
o adaptations you would make to the learning space 
o specific strategies that you might incorporate.
• Reference list (not included in word count): List all references to the work and words of others, correctly cited according to the APA style.

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