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Description of Assignment:

The assignment is a portfolio made up of two pieces of work.

Task 1: You are to produce an infographic (see below for examples) for a workplace.
The title will be ‘Healthy Lives and Healthy Living’.

Task 2: You will write an academic evaluation essay – 800-words

To be included

The World Health Organisation (WHO) and the American Psychological Association (APA) definitions of health.

Discuss the effects of psychological factors on an individual’s physical health. You could discuss stress and the research that links chronic stress to illnesses such as Chronic Heart Disease and an increased risk of stroke. Make sure you offer different perspectives in this area by evaluating the research (validity, reliability etc.) (1.2)

Discuss and evaluate the risk factors that arise from certain behaviours for example smoking, lack of exercise and unhealthy eating. As with the above make sure you evaluate the research you present (2.1).

Identify and evaluate what part cultural and social factors play in your physical health for example socioeconomic status or geographical location (3.1).

Finally, identify and discuss ways a person can lead a healthier lifestyle.

An infographic is similar to a poster except it contains a lot more information in the form of text. Make it eye catching and colourful but ensure you include all of the information needed to meet the assessment criteria.

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