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Module: Strategic Management in Global Context
You are required to produce a 3500 word REPORT
Talk in 3rd person

You are a senior Business consultant and you are to advise on the type of business
unit that would be suitable for a particular country. Your task is to produce a
report on their behalf answering the following questions:
( I chose Sephora because currently there are no stores in the Uk) But if you find a better
organisation to be brought in the Uk, even better
Briefly Talk about strategic management in global context, Aim and objectives of the report, and
what the report will cover.
Talk about the chosen organisation, origins, location and in which country will move.

  1. As a consultant recommend a Business and a Country and provide an
    internal and external analysis explaining the possible opportunities as
    well as threats your client could face within the market of your
    recommended country and provide possible solutions. Notes: you are
    required to submit an individual report based on an organisation and
    business unit of your choice. Recommend a Business and where this
    business should open the store, chose the host country. Provide internal
    analysis by using any of these tools which you believe is the best for the
    chosen organisation :Swot , Tows, RBV, VRIO, Value chain. For the
    external analysis use PESTLE analysis. Pestle analysis should focus on the
    host country market. Also provide possible solutions and recommendations.
  2. Critically assess three modes of market-entry that could be suitable to
    your client. Out of the three options, make a recommendation with
    justification as to the most appropriate one. Notes: Critically explain the
    main market entry modes Strategic Alliances, Mergers and Acquisitions
    and FDI. After explaining the entry modes, chose only one option which
    you believe is the most suitable to your client and Provide a justification of
    the choice, also the advantages and disadvantages.
  3. To what extent should the selected business unit be standardised or
    adapted for your chosen country. Give a full justification for your
    ideas. Notes: Explain the general terms of Adaptation and Standardisation
    of the chosen organisation and provide examples. Demonstrate by way of
    critical analysis weather there is a need for your client to adapt its business
    unit according to customer specifications, government regulations, policies,
    and country culture or if there is a need to offer standardised business unit
    across the different market/country.
    Applying Porter’s generic strategy to explain how your client could
    gain competitive advantage by adopting one of the generic strategies in
    your recommended market . Notes: Explain Porter’s generic strategies.
    Identify your client current strategic positioning and then choose one
    of the generic strategy for your client to pursue within the chosen
    market compared to the other generic strategies.
  4. Produce a strategic business plan and critically assess how your client
    could measure its success in this market and how it could improve in
    the future. Notes: Produce a strategic management plan ( Create a table)
    based on the assignment analysis that produces a valid strategic direction,
    objectives and tactical actions for the next 5 years of the organisation. To
    answer this question use the Balanced Scorecard/ Strategy map.Explain
    some of the ways of measuring success example: Sales targets, Market
    share, profitability, returns or investment also talk about the ways it could
    improve in the future.

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