Position Paper Requirements and Timing March 4, 2021

1) Your position paper is due on the day before its presentation by email, so I can upload it in Collaborate Ultra. (20points)
a) 10-15 pages in length using in at least 12 point font size.
b) References must be listed at the end and include a substantial number of peer reviewed references to guard against fake news and junk science.
c) Figures and Illustrations must be large enough to be read and clearly labeled, with references.

2) Power Points are also due on the day before it’s presentation email, so I can upload it in Collaborate Ultra. (20points)
a) The same references should be listed on the last slide.
b) All figures should be clearly labeled.
c) References should also be imbedded in each slide.
d) Do not use different colored printing on a background of the same value but a different color. Such printing will make your figures nearly impossible for color blind people like me.

3) 10 highest scoring papers/presentations for the final exam will be picked, along with a few my PPTs.

4) Please Write a one pager describing your topic to be turned in on Tuesday March 23rd .

5) Please refer to the Helpful Hints on Blackboard.

Type of service: Academic paper writing
Type of assignment: Team Paper
Subject: Investment
Pages/words: 5/1375
Number of sources: 10
Academic level: Master’s
Paper format : Harvard
Line spacing: Double
Language Style: UK English

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