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Assignment case study guidelines: 3000 words
With critical examination of one of the case studies you need to address the following outcomes:

K3 – Formulate an ethical approach to their professional roles, as well as study and research, and become critical, informed practitioners who are able to make valuable contributions to the lives of children, young people and their families.

K4 – Demonstrate critical awareness of the requirements of the ever changing national and international arenas of childhood studies, education and family support through a reflective, professional approach that is durable and adaptable.

I1 -Critically explore, evaluate and debate current research, guidance and current policy issues informing professional practice and develop students’ ability to apply theoretical and practice principles to ongoing and/or future professional practice.

I3- Reflect critically on own practice, demonstrating an understanding of the limits of knowledge.

This critical examination of the case study can be structured how you choose to meet 3000 words:
• Have a clear introduction that shares a critique of inclusion, the use of a case study to consider practical and theoretical tensions, and identify the structure of your work.
• Very briefly summarise the case study and the key areas you will focus on in an ethical manner (you can’t do everything for a deep critical analysis)
• Briefly summarise the current approaches to Inclusion shaping the wider context of the case study, including the ever changing legislative, political, medical and societal approaches to inclusion. VARK approach.
• Identify the key issues and needs of the child/young person, discuss what key conditions can be recognised in the case study with support from readings – how are these conditions identified? What are the identification systems followed within the setting? Debate the challenges in this process.
• Consider how the setting in the case study can appropriately respond to each of the identified issues within the learning environment according to policy, legislation and practice guidance. Consider how can success be measured and the challenges of ethics.
• Critique current readings and research that inform professional practice in these focused areas, what are the limits of this knowledge, debate the challenges between research and practice for the child/family in the case study
• Reflect on your own learning through the analysis of this case study, how has your practice developed and discuss managing the limits of your own knowledge as a working practitioner.

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