Topic: Spanish lessons and its impact on pupil progress by “adapting teaching to respond the strengths and needs of all pupils”

Assignment Task: Supporting Learning Essay
Indicative Structure and word counts
With reference to a specific pedagogical issue (e.g. adaptative teaching, managing
behaviour, use of data or cognitive load), critically evaluate the use of evidence-informed
practice and its impact on pupil progress.
This is to be illustrated using examples of your medium- and short-term curriculum planning which
must be included in the appendices. In your response you must refer to current literature and your
approach to classroom practice.
You will have the opportunity to discuss your choice of pedagogical issue with your tutor before
embarking on this assignment. It is advisable to select an area that offers numerous opportunities
for you to address during your school placement. (Teachers’ Standards: 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6)
The word count for the assignment is as follows: 6000 words, which is made up of a 4,500 word
essay + annotated evidence in the appendices.
When completing the above task, it is suggested you address the following:
• Critically evaluate the use of evidence-informed practice in facilitating learning in your subject
• Demonstrate your engagement with evidence-informed practice in your chosen pedagogical
issue to show how it influences decisions made in your medium- and short-term planning for
your curriculum area, and its impact on pupil progress
• In the appendices, show how you have engaged with evidence-informed practice and what
impact there has been on pupil progress with a range of evidence from your school
experience. Evidence must include:
• a medium-term plan (clearly indicating alterations or additions made by you)
• three lesson plans with evaluations from your teaching
Referencing Procedure:
For referencing purposes, the PGCE Secondary programme requires all students adhere to Harvard
referencing protocols and in doing are recommended to use Cite Them Right.
• Submission is to Turnitin via Moodle

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