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Purpose/Introduction – 25 points
 Clear, brief description of why the experiment was done, justifying entire laboratory. (5 points)
 Explain the chemical basis of the Babcock, Soxhlet method, free fatty acids, iodine number and saponification value methods.
Material and Methods – 20 points
 Describe the material used. (5 points)
 Clear explain the equipment used. (5 points)
 Clear explain the procedures. (10 points)
Results and Discussion – 25 points
 Clear summary of results using text before tables and figures are shown. (5 points)
 Calibration curve included, Tables (titles above) and figures (titles below) clear, complete and not redundant. (10 points)
 Calculations included and correct. (5 points)
 Detailed discussion of what the results mean. (5 points)
Conclusions – 20 points
 Information synthesized into cohesive conclusion. (10 points)
 Conclude only what can be concluded from data collected. (10 points)
Laboratory Report Format – 10 points
 Laboratory report was organized, cohesive, and easy to follow. (5 points)
 Used additional references to help improve the quality report and overall understanding of material. (5 points)

See details under rubric and answer all questions related to the topic under this section.
• The objectives should briefly and specially state the purpose of the lab experiment for Soxhlet Extraction of Fat from Cottonseed Meals.
• State what you are trying to do in the experiment with using the Soxhlet Extraction of Fat from Cottonseed Meal: mention why this procedure is being carried out and explain what procedure is being used in order to get a result). “What is the Goal in Mind for this experiment.”

Principle of Method:
• Explain the science principles explode during this lab experiment on Soxhlet Extraction of Fat from Cottonseed Meals.
• Outline the general process being studied in Soxhlet Extraction of Fat from Cottonseed Meals.
• Use citations and references to back up information found on Soxhlet Extraction of Fat from Cottonseed Meals.

This experiment involves the extraction of fat from cottonseed meals by an exhaustive with solvent using a Soxhlet extractor apparatus.

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Academic level: Junior (college 3rd year)
Paper format: APA
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Language style: US English

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