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Module Assessment
Mini research report (focused on analysis), 2000-2500 words, due 27 May

  1. Work to understand and apply key concepts from lectures (week 1-11)
  2. Learn how to design a research study using the method of Conversation Analysis (week 1-10)
  3. Try out the analysis on provided data in workshops (weeks 5-9)
  4. Select data to analyse in your report (either provided or from public data) (week 4)
  5. Analyse the data using Conversation Analysis (week 5-12)
  6. Write up and submit your report (week 12)
    ● Introduction including some literature review (500 words or less)
    ○ Describe the focus of the report
    ○ Describe why it matters
    ○ Discuss some previous literature on the topic
    ○ Define any key concepts
    ● Methods section describing data and analysis (200 words or less)
    ○ Describe the data–what type, how much of it, how it’s transcribed
    ○ Describe the analytic method and how it was applied to the data
    ● Analysis of selected data from provided data or public data (1200 words or less)
    ○ Overview of what analysing in the data
    ○ Present extracts of transcript
    ○ Analyse each transcript in detail
    ● Conclusions based on analysis (400 words or less)
    ○ Repeat succinctly what you showed in the analysis
    ○ Explain what this means/why we learn about conversation from it
    ○ Link to previous literature, if appropriate
    ● List of references (at least 5 references suggested)–citations may appear throughout, but
    most important in intro/lit review and methods
    The most important part of the submission is to demonstrate understanding of Conversation Analysis
    techniques and its value as a social scientific method. Please see the separate template to be posted
    on Learn for an example of how your document should be laid out.
    For a short report of this nature, and with a method like Conversation Analysis (which is all about
    detail), it is best to keep your report very focused and specific. A reasonable approach would be to
    focus, for instance, on one social action accomplished by one practice, and show how this is done in
    several examples. The practices covered in lectures include the following:
    ● Turn-taking (week 6)
    ● Repair (week 7)
    ● Sequence organisation (week 8)
    ● Storytelling (week 9)
    Social actions are discussed across the term, but especially in weeks 1-5. Other aspects of
    conversation that contribute to meaning include the sound and embodied aspects of interaction, as
    captured by transcription, discussed primarily in weeks 2-4. In other words, you would propose an
    interpretation of some very specific thing that people do in interaction, and show similar examples of
    that thing and what meaning it has to the participants in the interaction, drawing on the details you
    have displayed in the transcribed data and using Conversation Analysis methods and concepts. There
    are other ways of presenting an analysis that may also be appropriate–we will discuss variations in
    the module, and some of these will be mentioned in the template as well.

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