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1. Critically evaluate Elon Musk’s current and previous entrepreneurial skills. Would you consider him an entrepreneurial person? If so why? If not why? What makes him an entrepreneur in your perspective?
2. How does your evaluation of the entrepreneurial skills of Elon Musk make you reflect on your own entrepreneurial skills? If you were Elon Musk what would you have done differently . And why? If not why?
3. What effects has Elon Musk’s entrepreneurial skills and activities had on business, the economy, society and the environment? How does this influence your views about enterprise and entrepreneurship in general? Do you think it would be better if Elon Musk was more entrepreneurial in terms of achieving better impact? If so, who would it be better for? If not, why not? 4.Based on your research about Elon Musk and your experiences would you want to be an entrepreneur in the future? If so, why? If not, why not?

All claims you make should be supported by strong argumentation, financial data and your discussions should draw on academic literature and theory. You may also engage in wider reading by drawing on news articles and relevant journal papers.

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