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My reflection is about a particular patient, to whom, in order to maintain patient information confidentiality, I will refer to as Mr peter. It concerns an event that took place when I was working on a surgical ward. On this particular day, I noticed that one of the male patients was sitting alone on his bed. This was Mr Peter, a 64-year-old gentleman diagnosed with inoperable cancer of the pancreas, with a life expectancy of 18-24 months. He was unable to control his pain, and whilst some relief could be provided by chemotherapy, Mr Peter had a good understanding of his condition and knew that there was no cure available. He was unable to walk by himself and always needed assistance, even to stand up or sit down. Because of his mobility problems, I offered to get him his cup of tea, and I then sat with him as he was lonely.
I would now like to discuss the feelings and thoughts I experienced at the time. Before I gave Mr peter his cup of tea, I approached him in a friendly manner and introduced myself; I tried to establish a good rapport with him because I wanted him to feel comfortable with me even though I was not a family member or relative. When I first asked Mr Peter if I could get him a cup of tea, he looked at me and replied, “I have asked the girl for a cup of tea, I don’t know where she is.” I answered “Well, I will see where she is and if I can’t find her, I will gladly get one for you, Mr Peter. In doing this, I demonstrated emphatic listening. Emphatic listening is about the willingness to understand the other person, not just judging by appearance. Then I touched Mr Peter shoulders, kept talking and raised my tone a little because I was unsure of his reaction. At the same time, I used body language to communicate the action of drinking. I paused and repeated my actions, but this time I used some simple words which I thought Mr Peter would understand. Mr Peter looked at me and nodded his head. As I was giving him his cup of tea, I maintained eye contact as I didn’t want him to feel shy or embarrassed.
Fortunately, using body language helped me to communicate with this gentleman. I was able to communicate effectively with him by verbal and non-verbal means, using appropriate gestures and facial expressions. Body language and facial expressions are referred to as non-verbal communication. When dealing with Mr Peter, the particular gestures and facial expressions I used helped him to understand that I was offering him assistance. The eye contact I maintained helped show my willingness to help him; it gave him reassurance and encouraged him to place his confidence in me. Eye contact expresses a sense of interest in the other person and provides another form of communication. In my dealings with Mr Perer, I tried to communicate in the best and appropriate way possible in order to make him feel comfortable; as a result, he placed his trust in me and was more cooperative.

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