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What is the Extended Project?
The Extended Project requires you to undertake an investigation into a topic of your choice in Computing/IT. If you’re reading this guide, your final outcome will be a report of 2500-3000 words. This report will be based on your secondary research. You may decide to undertake some statistical analysis of existing datasets but you will not be undertaking any primary research yourself. You’ll be provided with an assignment brief outlining the steps that you need to take towards producing your report and how it will be graded. This guide is intended to provide further guidance and it is not written to guide you to write the report for a specific subject.

You will be assigned a project supervisor who will advise you to select a suitable topic and will support you as you produce the project. They’ll also support you to identify any subject-specific conventions that you need to follow when writing your report.

Your aims

• To select a topic which is of interest to you in Computing/ IT and suitable for academic treatment with supervision from a subject-specialist tutor

• To formulate analytical/evaluative questions appropriate to the subject specialism which can be reasonably answered within the time and word-length constraints

• To research the subject in depth, placing it firmly within a subject-specialist perspective and using conventions appropriate to the subject discipline, including competent use of specialist terminology

• To interpret information and ideas and look at different perspectives and approaches

• To evaluate the significance of resources found, their validity and reliability, and to use your material to solve the questions set

• To use academic citation to support or illustrate your argument, using factual or theoretical understanding to address the questions you have set

Your topic

You may wish to think about:

• a subject of special interest to you outside the course;
• a subject related to a course area of special interest;
• a subject that will form part of a course you might take;
• a subject relating to an area of work that interests you.

For the Extended Project, you are not permitted to reuse work that you have already submitted for another graded unit. You can investigate the topic area further if it has interested you but you can also investigate a topic that you have not studied on the course.

You need to check with your tutor that the topic is in an area they can supervise. They may give you guidance beforehand about the areas that they are willing to supervise.

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