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Case Study Report and Case Study Presentation
Summary task information
The Case Study Report and Case Study Presentation form the major assessment of your work in BUSS5220. The
aim of this assessment is to draw together and consolidate all your learning from the topic materials and
workshops across the four perspectives of Responsible Business Mindset, as well as the skills acquired in the
Workshop Presentation Debate and Reflective ePortfolio (vlog) tasks.
This is a compulsory group assignment. Your pre-assigned Assessment Group will be required to prepare and
submit a Case Study Report and a Case Study Presentation.
• Group contribution: Your group is required to complete all parts of the assessment task. Each group member
is expected to be involved in the preparation, drafting and proof checking all aspects of the group
assignment. Group members will be held jointly responsible for the entire submission and awarded the same
merit mark for the group component of the mark, so it is essential you work together as a team and
contribute equally. Also, please pay attention to academic honesty and hold each other accountable. In the
event of a breach of academic honesty a penalty will apply to all members irrespective of which member(s)
caused the breach.
• Submission and due date: Your group will submit a Case Study Report and Peer Evaluation (word docx
format) and Case Study Presentation (MP4 format) through the ‘Submit Assignment’ button located in the
‘Assignments’ tab in Canvas by 4pm (AEST), Fri 11 June 2021. Detailed instructions below. No submissions
will be accepted via email. Standard late penalties apply consistent with University Policy.
• Marking process: The Case Study will be marked out of a total of 50 marks including group marks where
all group members will receive the same marks and an individual mark:
1) The Case Study Report is worth 30 marks which includes 30 marks for a group component.
2) The Case Study Presentation is worth 20 marks which includes 15 marks for an individual component and
5 marks for a group component.
Please refer to pages 8 and 9 for the detailed marking rubric. Marks will be released as one batch at the
end of semester at the same time for all students.
• Questions about the assignment: All assignment queries must be posted to the specially assigned
‘Assignment’ forum on Canvas. This provides an opportunity for all students to have access to the same
• Group communication: We recommend communication between the group members about the assignment
should take place in your assigned Assessment Group page in Canvas. Take a look at this student-focused
video on Canvas Groups.
What is the Case Study about?
For the task, imagine that the members of your group have recently been appointed as the board of directors
of the case company (“Mines R Us”) that is seeking to re-position and re-brand itself as a Responsible Business
(i.e., A Responsible Business Mindset) after being held responsible for two major incidents. Firstly, the collapse of
a mine tailings dam that devastated the local community and environment in a mining town in Peru, and secondly,
the destruction of 36,000 year old sacred indigenous caves in a Canadian heritage site. These incidents have
left the Mines R Us’s reputation in tatters and had a significant negative impact on the company’s share price. In
the past the case company has embarked on a traditional business strategy focused solely on the pursuit of
shareholder profit (i.e., A Shareholder Primacy Mindset). Mines R Us is a large multinational company and was
considered a leader in the sector until these devastating incidents occurred that took several lives and destroyed
significant communities and natural environments.

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