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Part 1
Lesson Plan
800 Words
Using the provided lesson plan template (available on Moodle), write a lesson plan in
which the numeracy general capability is addressed in a meaningful way. The lesson
plan must be for a year level and subject area that you will be qualified to teach. The
lesson cannot be for the subject area of mathematics; any other subject area may
be the focus of the lesson. The lesson should be an hour in duration.
The lesson plan template has three sections:
• Background Information (equivalent to 200 words)
• Lesson Overview (equivalent to 350 words)
• Links to the 21st Century Numeracy Model (250 words +/-10%)
See the lesson plan template on Moodle for more details. You can create the lesson
plan or use a lesson plan that you find. However, the lesson cannot include activities
that were completed in EDF5017. If you use a lesson plan that was created by someone
else, you must cite/reference the resource and alter the lesson plan to suit the
requirements of the assignment.
Part 2
NAPLAN Analysis
1,200 Words
This task involves the interpretation of NAPLAN numeracy data for students at a
Victorian primary school (‘School X’). You can download the data (as a PDF file) from
the Assessment Information section of Moodle.
1) Based on your analysis of the data, write an interpretation of the students’
performance on the NAPLAN numeracy test. You should discuss:
• the students’ performance relative to the performance of students with similar
background and the performance of all Australian students over time
• the students’ relative performance over time
• the relative performance of the same students as they progressed from the lower
to the higher year level
• anything else that you can see/interpret from the data
(800 words +/- 10%)
2) Discuss whether the school’s administration and teachers should be concerned about
the NAPLAN numeracy performance of their students at the two grade levels. Base your
response on your analysis of the data and on the background information that has been
provided about the school, as well as relevant academic literature.
(400 words +/- 10%)
N.B. Since everyone will be using the same (provided) dataset, it is not necessary to
formally cite/reference it. Instead, use descriptive headings and/or provide page
numbers (e.g., “In the graph on p. 2…”) to clarify what you are discussing.
Since Part 2: NAPLAN Analysis is an essay-style assessment, a brief introduction and
conclusion are required.
Presentation Requirements
• Assignments must be uploaded to the dropbox by the due date and time as a single
MS Word file (i.e., combine the two parts of AT2 into one file).
• Each part of the assignment should be labelled. In Part 2: NAPLAN Analysis, you
need to use headings and subheadings to organise your paper.
• You need to adhere to the formatting and other requirements outlined in the
Assignment Checklist (available on Moodle in the Assessment Information section).
• Please note that everything in the body of your paper (e.g., headings, in-text
citations) contributes to your word count. Your reference list and appendix files (if
applicable) do not contribute to your word count.
• Please provide separate reference lists for the lesson plan (per the template) and for
the NAPLAN analysis.
• For all assessments in this unit, pleas

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