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You must work as a consultant/group of consultants to produce a focused and academically
informed report which demonstrates that you can develop and pilot an appropriate research
technique and conduct some initial data analysis.
You may select one of the project options supplied (a separate list of potential projects can be
found on Blackboard) linked to tourism, events and hospitality or write your own research aim
and set of research objectives/questions to form the basis of a project of your own choice.
You are permitted to develop a pilot project on any topic, but it must:Be agreed by email with one of the module tutors

.Be related to tourism, events or hospitality management; and not cover a topic already addressed by one of your group members in their individual
research proposal.
You must also consider the current Covid-19 restrictions, which will require you to pilot your
online questionnaire or interview online with a convenience sample of known contacts
(peer group, CCCU students etc.).
Project Weighting: 40% of module
Individual Report – 1,500-2,000 words (excluding appendices)
Group Report – 2,000 words (excluding appendices)
Deadline- Thursday 13th May 2021
(By 2pm through Turnitin)- please note only one nominated person
per group should submit the project to Turnitin
Research Methods in Action: Assessment 2 Guidelines 2020-2021
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• Topic area: Select an appropriate project (from the list supplied or choose your own). If
you decide to write your own aim and research questions/objectives, this is fine, as long
as the focus relates to tourism, events, and/or hospitality and it does not cover a topic
already addressed by one of your group members in their individual research proposal –
remember to get it approved by your allocated module tutor (see the Assessment 2 Padlet
wall in the Assessment folder of Blackboard to see if you have been allocated to Ken or
• Focus of study: Conduct a literature review on the topic area using text books, academic
journal articles and other appropriate sources.
• Develop an infographic using Canva to summarise the focus of your research, why it is
needed and the key concepts that you will be researching. You should use the guidance
on the ‘Creating Infographics’ Padlet Wall (session on 25th March) to support you with this
part of the task.
• Research design and development of technique: An appropriate type of research
approach and technique should be selected and developed to address the specific aim
and research questions / objectives. You will need to justify the choice and design of your
approach and technique in your report. PLEASE NOTE THAT DUE TO THE CURRENT COVID
• Implementation: Conduct a pilot study to test your research tool. Your tool should be
• on a named member of staff (your allocated staff member – either Ken or Karen- will
provide you with feedback to develop your online questionnaire or topic guide);
• Following the piloting with Ken or Karen you should conduct a small pilot with a
convenience sample of known contacts (CCCU students or peer group).
• Analysis: Conduct an initial analysis of your findings- you can use SPSS (sessions from 1st
April onwards) or excel for an online questionnaire or follow the guidance on qualitative
analysis (session 18th March) if you have conducted some pilot interviews.
• Reflection: Outline the implications for the future development of the study given the
findings of the pilot study. It is important that you reflect upon the effectiveness of your
research design and consider what changes need to be made to the methodology and
research tool. Any appropriate changes must be made to your research tool and a copy
of both the pilot and final research tool should be included in the appendices of your

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