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For this paper, we shall be looking to the type of business model which Tesla is pursuing and the difference between Tesla’s business model and that of traditional car manufacturers. We will be looking at the EV industry in general, researching, and collating data to envisage and be able to anticipate and predict the evolution of EV.
Corporate strategy defines the scope of the firm in terms of the industries and markets in which it competes. Corporate strategy decisions
include investment in diversification, vertical integration, acquisitions and new ventures, the allocation of resources between the different ——
businesses of the firm; and divestments.

This research will be able to view into the future of EV and what will become of traditional vehicle manufacturers.
This project will examine the type of strategy which Tesla is following, what works well with this approach, and challenges with the process.
Tesla exhibits a type of strategic agility by keeping track of opportunities in the future and grabs them with immediate effect before traditional manufacturers does. Tesla deployed agile strategy, putting money into the right channels.

Tesla Motor’s co-founder Elon Musk was also one of its first investors, putting up $7 million initially, and later an additional $30 million out of his personal fortune. (Rothermel. 2017).
The term “blue ocean” is an analogy to describe the wider potential of market space that is vast, deep, and not.

• Research Aims
To anticipate the evolution of electric vehicles and preparing for the change
• Research Objectives
Objective 1. Examining Tesla’s business model
Objective 2. What can traditional vehicle manufacturers do to prepare for Electronic Vehicle evolution.
Objective 3. What is future of EV as an industry and how can Tesla prevail as an innovator

The type of approach to the strategy which Tesla is following, what works well with this approach, and some challenges with the process.
This thesis will be examining what can Tesla Inc., do to systematically maximize the opportunities while simultaneously minimizing the risks of creating blue oceans towards this evolution of EV.

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