The Project unit requires you to carry out a business-related project, which will be of
demonstrable benefit to an organisation, in terms of its ability to perform effectively
in the contemporary business environment. It could be delivered in the form of a
Research Project, Consultancy Project, a Reflective Practitioner Project or an
Entrepreneurship Project (see Section 4 for a brief description of each type of
project). All Projects are based on the notion of approximately 400 hours of input per
student. However, particularly in the case of the Consultancy Project, this may vary
from project to project.
The final deliverable for all project types is a substantial piece of work, which can be
presented to prospective employers or other universities (for example for entry onto
a Masters course) as evidence of your ability to manage and complete a significant
and challenging project and master the higher levels of Bloom’s hierarchy of
cognitive learning, i.e. those of analysis, synthesis and evaluation (See Appendix A).
Your performance on this unit will significantly impact on the classification of your
degree, as the Project carries 40-credit of the 120 credits for Level 6. For most
students, completing the Project will be the single biggest challenge of their student
The Project Co-ordinators and the Projects Officer are the Project Management
Team responsible for supporting both student and staff to ensure effective delivery
and achievement of the Intended Learning Outcomes of the Project unit. You find
the contact details on the second page.
Throughout the placement year, the main point of contact is the placement
employability coordinators who work with the Placement Development Advisors to
address any student/employer inquiries.
From the start of the final year, you will have direct face-to-face contact with your
supervisor. The Project Unit leader, Co-Ordinators and Projects Officer will be
available to discuss any project queries through the discussion forum and a series of
project forums which will run throughout the academic year (listed in your timetable).
All students interested in a particular type of project should subscribe to the
discussion board dedicated to their chosen project type to ensure they benefit from
advice posted by academics; post generic questions are informed of answers to any
queries posted by fellow students.
Confidential and/or personal matters are to be discussed with the Project Supervisor
first and, if not resolved in a satisfactory manner, to be addressed to the Project Unit
Leader or Projects Officer or Projects Co-ordinator.
The different types of projects are likely to have different supervision arrangements.
For example, Research projects are likely to be supervised individually, in pairs or in
research sets. Consultancy projects are usually supervised in small teams, and the
Reflective Practitioner Project students will have one to one meetings with their
supervisors and respective forums.

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