• Do not worry as much about formatting—please focus on content and grammar.
    -Use credible references and please do not copy and paste any information from anywhere.
    Here is one I would like to use:
    Gilbert, B., & Ma, A. (2019). Facebook understood how dangerous the Trump-linked data firm Cambridge Analytica could be much earlier than it previously said. Here’s everything that’s happened up until now.. Businessinsider.com. Retrieved 3 April 2021, from https://www. businessinsider.com/cambridge-analytica-a-guide-to-the-trump-linked-data-firm-that-harvested-50-million-facebook-profiles-2018-3#:~:text=In%20e arly%202018%2C%20Facebook%20and ,the%20political%20data%2Danalytics%20firm.
  • Bring up the subject of Social Customer Relationship Management (SCRM), and how it relates to social media.
    -The rest of the content you can come up with it.

Type of service: Academic Paper writing
Type of asignment: Research paper
Subject: IT & Technology
Pages/words: 6/1600
Number of sources: 3
Academic level: senior (college 4th year)
Paper Format: APA
Line spacing: Double
Language style: US English

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